‘Discovering Coggeshall – Timber-framed buildings  in the town centre’   This book is a street by street guide to the main timber-framed buildings in the town.  Available from the Post Office, White Hart Hotel, newsagent and The Norman sweet shop in Coggeshall, price £7.

‘Discovering Coggeshall 2′ This is the final volume of the Discovering Coggeshall project and has chapters on the development of the town, who lived where in 1575 and what they did for a living, the wool trade, the layout of the town and the carpentry of the buildings.  230 pages with many coloured maps, photos and illustrations. Available from: Margaret Gibson (, or John Lewis, Lynetts, Coggeshall or Red Lion Books, Colchester.  Price £15.   ISBN 978-0-9539165-2-8     

A book about ‘The Cedars’  by Brian Mooney has also been published (see link below)   

The Cedars 261012 – web version